Experience Fun and Profit with FUN88 Sicbo

Experience Fun and Profit with FUN88 Sicbo

How to play Sic Bo is not limited to land-based casinos as you can play it online at FUN88.

Experience enormous fun and potential
for large profits from this super exciting table game.

FUN88 Sicbo are online dice games.
Sic Bo is regarded as a game of chance.

In Sic Bo, every roll of the dice may result in a win or lose of your bet.

Join FUN88, Thailand’s exquisite partner for a luxurious casino
to enjoy Sic Bo with lovely dealers.

FUN88 teamed up with the world’s best game developers to deliver you high-technology gambling.

Such is Pragmatic Play’s Mega Sic Bo.

Enter the world of marvelous surprises, fantastic customer care, and competitive odds from FUN88.

Simple Guide on How to Play Sic Bo at FUN88

Online dice games are hot and trendy making them a favorite for many Thai bettors.

Make sure you stay updated with exquisite Sic Bo solutions by trying FUN88 Sicbo.

If not yet a FUN88 member, register today.
If you are, you can simply login using your credentials.

How to play Sic Bo at FUN88 needs you to go to ‘Casino’ then type ‘Sic Bo’ at the Search Box.

There are 3 Live Casinos that offer Sic Bo for your gambling pleasure.

Try Mega Sic Bo from PP Palace or discover Sic Bo from WM Palace and Royal Palace.

Once you decide on the Sic Bo game you want to play at FUN88,
get started with real-time leisure.

In Sic Bo, there are three red dice on a clear glass.
The playing time here is 60 seconds.

If you guess the numbers that will result from the 3 dice, you get a 1:1 payout.

But if you get a sum of 4 or 7, you have a high payout ratio of 1 to 50.

Basically, you will win for every number or total you guessed from Sic Bo.

On the other end, you lose if you predict wrong.

Playing Sic Bo at FUN88 is quick and easy.

Register at FUN88 to be part of supreme online casino gambling with Sports, Lottery, Slots, etc.

Various Sic Bo Type of Bets to Remember

Predicting wins will be easier for you when you know the different Sic Bo type of bets to try.

〉Big – Betting on the total number of all dice ranging from 11 to 17.
This bet type delivers a high payout rate.

〉Small – This is a bet on any sum of dice between 4 to 10.
This bet offers a small payout.

Big and Small bets have the smallest house edge offering the best odds in the game of Sic Bo.

〉Odd/Even – Odd bet is wagering on 3 dice to form an odd number.
Even bet is betting the dice to form an even combination.

Odd/Even bets has a 2.8% house edge with a winning probability at 48.6%.

The Ultimate Online Dice Games are at FUN88

How to play Sic Bo at FUN88 will let you build your future in the casino world online.

Straightforward Sic Bo type of bets will deliver huge wins in this great game of chance.

Play on mobile or desktop and take your pick from familiar Sic Bo solutions from FUN88.

Once you try Sic Bo,
you’ll be hooked on gambling and collecting winnings from smooth transactions!


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Author: Harper James