Sharp vs Soft Bookmakers: What’s The Difference?

For years, sports betting has been one of the most loved pastimes for many. Because who would not want to earn some money just by playing or watching your favourite sports? 

Today, sports betting has continued to grow and evolved into a competitive global industry. And with the increased usage of the internet and rapid development of software technologies, the betting industry has also dramatically changed. There is currently a more comprehensive range of betting sites and sportsbooks bettors can participate in. And one example is online soccer betting Singapore.

Football, in general, has a solid fanbase worldwide, which is why football betting Malaysia has been prominent on numerous betting sites. But with its constant development, that is not the only sport you can partake in. And because of this, many people are more drawn to sports betting. But before you try placing your bets in, you must first understand the two major types of bookmakers and their differences.

Sharp Bookmaker

When it comes to the target market, sharp bookmakers are aimed at professional sports bettors. They are often called the “wiseguys.” Sharp bettors are seasoned gambling veterans who know different tactics of betting. They are the kind of bettors whose goal is to profit from betting. They place their bets strategically and will only spend when they have a perceived advantage. 

Additionally, sharp bookmakers utilise sophisticated mathematical models and systems to create odd lines. Moreover, they also constantly adjust their odds based on market conditions. These bettors can react quickly and update their odds accordingly, making them difficult to beat. 

Soft Bookmaker

Unlike sharp bookies, soft bookmakers are aimed at square bettors or the betting public. In simpler terms, these bettors place their bets only for recreational purposes. Soft bookmakers often consider betting as a form of entertainment, so they only put in small wages and usually depend on their instinct or favourites.

Furthermore, soft bookmakers are usually slower in changing their odds and manually adjusting their lines. Because of this, there is a noticeable delay in updates when the betting markets change. The slow change is a significant factor in why soft bookmakers are easier to beat.

These two types of bookmakers have more differences, and you can find them in this infographic created by 88ProAsia. So if you are curious about it, go check their infographic out.



Author: Harper James